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Erin Incoherent is a folkie as much as a punk rocker as much as a pop singer-songwriter. After getting started in Fort Collins, Colorado in 2013, Erin Incoherent moved to Philadelphia and released Medusa, an 11-song manifesto on anxiety, trauma and pain, told through fervent and catchy songs that can fit in any number of categories. The look and attitude throughout feels indebted to the acoustic growls of Mischief Brew and Against Me!, while the polished sheen on songs like the standout “Fallen” are pure Tegan & Sara. Most impressively, Miss Incoherent is able to dabble in this stylistic variety like a chameleon without ever coming off posturing or insincere, making her range and eclectic interests work for her rather than against.

Ever since her publicist Radio Ready PR contacted me about a possible review of her latest album Medusa, my initial intrigue about Erin and her music has grown into full-blown admiration as I’ve learned more about her. Through her honest, provocative lyrics, her writings for the webzine The Punk Lounge, and her involvement with the Trigger Warning program in Philadelphia, I’ve found her to be an unflinching and outspoken champion for mental health and issues like domestic violence and sexual abuse. She’s also a great vocalist and pretty damned skilled on the guitar and ukelele.
Erin Incoherent is the coolest. She’s definitely a punk rocker in appearance as well as the sentiment of her music. The music itself is like acoustic punk. If there were some more stringed instruments, her music would be folk punk. Incoherent does play the ukulele. You don’t see a ukulele in punk rock too often.
Her recorded music includes lovely harmonies and tasteful drum and bass at times, but it retains the sleekness of her acoustic show. It’s not busy or overbearing or overproduced, so the lyrics and rhythm carry the tunes. The way nature intended. She might just be the next Amy Winehouse.
You’d think that pretty much everything has been done in music already with how vast a culture it is, yet you can still find surprising blends if you look hard enough. Erin Incoherent shows off her unique sound in Medusa, highlighting her interesting storytelling and genre blend.

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